ERM wins prestigious UK award as global consultant of the year

05 April 2012

ERM has been declared Global Consultant of the Year by the UK’s New Civil Engineer (NCE) and the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) Consultants of the Year Awards. The Award recognizes our year of sustained growth as an employer (ie growth in number of staff) as well as our growth in revenues. It also recognizes the great strides we have made in practicing what we preach in relation to sustainability.

The Award was made based on the information provided in a survey asking us to provide information on the steps we have taken to mitigate the impact of global economic downturn, how we intend to deliver growth over the next two to five years, examples of the work we do for our clients, our performance in FY11 and our predicted performance in FY12.

Highlighting our global reach, the award also recognized the important role knowledge management plays in our success including the way it enables staff to learn about the regulatory and cultural environments of all the territories we work in.

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