There is a growing sense of urgency within the business community about the sustainability challenges facing the world. 

Despite this sense of urgency, we are not moving fast enough. Pace and scale is required. We know ‘what’ needs to happen, and now need to focus on ‘how’ we can deliver the change that is required. 

Our 2019 Sustainability Report sets out examples of how ERM is helping clients and other leading organizations to meet these challenges. We also explain how we are contributing to a more sustainable future through our internal operations, and through the work of the ERM Foundation.

At ERM, we recognize that our greatest impact is through work we do with our clients. In our Report this year, we focus on three key topics that are most relevant to our clients, and to the planet and society more widely.

The Report includes 50 fascinating case studies illustrating the ways in which we are helping business move from the WHAT to the HOW. You can search case studies via their geographical location, sector or topic. This year’s Report also showcases photography from ERM employees in their projects and daily lives.

ERM Foundation Annual Review: creating impact though our people and partnerships

This year’s ERM Foundation Annual Review contains impressive examples of employee-led projects and partnerships with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises around the world, and the contributions these are making to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read the report to find out what we are doing to reduce carbon emissions, address plastic waste, improve access to clean water and sanitation, and protect biodiversity.

Quotation mark Each year I am truly impressed by the passion and enthusiasm that employees bring to the ERM Foundation. Our refreshed approach for 2019 will ensure that we are achieving maximum social and environmental impact in the communities where we live and work. Quotation mark

Keryn James