Metals and minerals are indispensable elements of our daily lives, with a crucial role in crafting the essential components of modern infrastructure and in shaping the landscape of low-carbon energy endeavors.  

Mining enterprises often face criticism not only for their operational methods and environmental and social legacies, but also for the ecological impacts of their products (such as coal, for example). These challenges are exacerbated by budgeting and supply issues (cost management, mineral supply-demand fluctuations), regulatory pressures (i.e., amplified scrutiny from governments, investors, and society), increasingly difficult operating conditions due to climate pressure, tricky geologies and geopolitics, and safety concerns within an industry marred by appalling health and safety track record.  

At ERM, we know how to deal with the most complex of mining issues because, since 1971, we have been working with our clients to resolve them, to build a more resilient projects and portfolios, to craft a socially responsible and more profitable operations and, perhaps more importantly, help them realize and execute world-leading mining operations. 

ERM’s capabilities align seamlessly with this mission and vision, from the new country entry risk assessment, global operational strategy, geoscience and advanced technological solutions, data capture and management, hydrogeology, nature and beyond, through all stages of exploration, acquisition, mine planning and development, operations, and closure. ERM plays a pivotal role in addressing the strategic, operational, and tactical challenges encountered by major, mid-tier, and junior mining companies worldwide.  
Our long-honed expertise encompasses, among others:  

  • Technical and expert services dedicated to exploration, feasibility and mine planning. 
  • Efficiently bringing new mines to fruition in adherence to ESG best practices.  
  • Realigning overall ESG strategies to maximize valuation and reputation.  
  • Offering insights into the pivotal role of metals in the energy transition.  
  • Enhancing H&S strategies and practical incident prevention through managing operational risks and controls.  
  • Advancing strategic and practical decarbonization throughout the value chain, from mining equipment to processing and transportation. 
  • Formulating water stewardship strategies and advanced technical solutions. 
  • Expert knowledge of the License to Operate issues, their prevention and problem solutions: tackling social concerns, human rights, stakeholder engagement, political advisory, and conflict resolution. 
  • Furnishing functional safety services, including certifications, machinery safety, and compliance with safety regulations. 
  • Enhancing data and resource efficiency, streamlining systems, and providing information solutions.  
  • Expert advice in the complete product life cycles and stewardship. 
  • Conducting independent evaluations to guide decisions on mergers, acquisitions, due diligence and compliance assessments. 

We excel in delivering comprehensive mining studies, spanning concept, pre-feasibility, and feasibility analyses, aimed at maximizing project value. Further driving that value creation and risk management mindset through every phase of an asset’s life cycle. Our expertise spans various mineral commodities in a wide array of physical environments. 

The projects undertaken in collaboration with our mining clients yield substantial increases in value throughout the mining lifecycle. These ventures facilitate growth, risk management, capital returns, sustainability advancements, and the cultivation of responsible corporate citizenship, all of which form part of our vision of the mine we all want to see.