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Creating impact through our people and partnerships

Annual Review 2024

Explore what the Foundation delivered in the last financial year.

Our purpose

The ERM Foundation was established in 1995, to enable ERM and its employees to provide support for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises that share our commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable world. Working across the globe, we blend grant funding, professional pro bono support and volunteering to create a lasting impact and measurable contribution to towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Support is provided for both established and pilot projects, where we can best leverage our technical expertise.

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Our focus

The ERM Foundation focuses on projects and programs at the intersection of biodiversity protection, climate action, investing in women's livelihoods and improving access to clean water and sanitation.

The way we work

Grant funding

One of the main mechanisms by which the ERM Foundation support organizations is through grant funding. ERM employees identify nonprofit organizations and social enterprises where Foundation funding can support their initiatives. Grants are provided for both one-off projects and for multi-year programs, maximizing the impact to communities and habitats.

Professional pro bono support

The Foundation's program of pro bono work offers our employees the unique and rewarding opportunity to utilize their technical skills and knowledge to support inspiring projects in often challenging conditions. The experience not only contributes to making a tangible contribution to communities but also supports training and skills development in partner organizations and the longer-term benefit that this generates.

Employee volunteering

Employees from across our offices participate in community volunteering by donating their time to support local initiatives aligned to the Foundation focus areas. Initiatives include tree planting, habitat restoration, and coastal clean-ups.

ERM Foundation Future Fund Program

Thanks to the generous donations of ERM Shareholders, we have launched a new program focused on accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Annual Report 2024

Creating impact through our people and partnerships. Explore what the Foundation delivered in the last financial year.

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