Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship

ERM’s experienced global product stewardship specialists assist clients in bringing products to market safely, sustainably, and in compliance with global regulations, while aligning with business objectives and satisfying key stakeholders.

Global shift towards tighter ESG regulation for product stewardship

Navigating multi-jurisdictional regulations can be complex, time-consuming, and costly. Organizations need to align teams, systems and processes to maximize efficiency, flexibility and transparency.

Adapting to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape globally is challenging; what's voluntary today is likely to become mandatory tomorrow. Staying updated on regulations is vital to safeguard investments.

Effective product stewardship reduces risks related to human health, safety, and the environment. By proactively managing these risks, organizations can enhance their long-term viability.

Organizations that prioritize sustainable product stewardship practices can gain a competitive advantage. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability helps to attract environmentally-conscious consumers and investors.

Prioritize product stewardship to create business opportunities and mitigate risk.

Make more informed decisions with expert advice

ERM has extensive expertise across industries, offering regulatory and scientific support for plant protection, biocides, industrial chemicals (REACH), pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and sustainable product redesign for consumer manufacturing.

Overcome regulatory hurdles

ERM helps clients stay ahead of evolving regulations, turning challenges into growth opportunities. We develop strategies to future-proof products and portfolios, reducing delays, enhancing longevity, and driving cost-effectiveness.

Simplify product safety and compliance

ERM helps a diverse client base digitize product safety data management and regulatory process tracking. We enhance compliance and reduce risks and costs by streamlining the collation of product dossiers.

Design sustainable products

At ERM, we specialize in sustainable product evaluation. We use ecodesign tools and lifecycle assessments to guide clients towards environmentally-responsible practices and impactful decision-making.

Our approach

Integrate sustainability into product design with ERM

Global Active Substance and product dossier preparation, submission, and updates

Regulatory approvals, policy positioning and forecasting

Safety data sheet report preparation, management and updates

Study design, protocol development and monitoring

Task force/consortium support and management

Risk assessments and modeling support

Claims evaluation, labeling, reporting and legal registers

Lifecycle Assessments on supply chains

Digitization of the product stewardship process

Emerging issue and horizon scanning, including environmental occurrences of endocrine disruptors and PFAS chemicals


Reduce risks and costs

Boost commercial advantage

Achieve regulatory compliance

Bolster global portfolio resilience

Our partnerships

ERM has an ever-expanding ecosystem of partners across each key area of the sustainability value chain, enabling us to meet our clients’ evolving needs and scale our impact.

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