The power sector is experiencing a fundamental shift in structure and underlying economics. 

Ongoing deregulation, new market entrants, new technologies, operating cost, increasing political pressure compounded by a race to decarbonize, all while mitigating the impact of climate on assets, are forcing developed markets into adopting new technologies and different network approaches and driving traditional utilities to change their business models to remain cost effective.    

ERM partners with our Power industry clients to understand their challenges and provide both strategic and tactical solutions, including:  

  • Supporting their capital projects portfolio 
  • Developing and implementing sustainable energy technologies, policies and solutions 
  • Reducing asset vulnerability to climate related risks 
  • Optimizing grid capacity (e.g., new transmission and distribution, load efficiency, boundary connections, storage) 
  • Addressing environmental health, social and safety (EHSS) operational performance improvement issues 
  • Developing leading edge health & safety programs 
  • Providing managed services to address resource concerns 
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance 
  • Advising on stakeholder and political engagement 
  • Creating and implementing strategies and tactics to sustainably retire assets 
  • Supporting refurbishment of brownfield sites for renewed economic development 
  • Provide expert insights in the rapidly expanding renewable energy sector, in established and emerging markets, regionally and globally, across key stages of strategy, development & construction of power grids 

Our energy expertise also covers the radical changes in the energy landscape due to the electrification of heat and transport, increasing levels of distributed generation and battery storage, and a more active role of consumers in the energy system. We can help clients through: 

  • Understanding of consumer behaviour and policy impacts 
  • Understanding of emerging technologies and innovation 
  • Forecasting changes in energy demand, supply and network flexibility 

We are increasingly finding that the intricacy of the challenges requires a multi-discipline solution. ERM’s cross-disciplinary approach incorporates our broad technical knowledge with in-depth market insights to help bring significant value to our client's efforts to substantially improve business performance.