Renewable energy holds the key to cutting global greenhouse gas emissions and meeting one of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

Around 90% of the renewable capacity required to hit net zero emission targets by 2050 is yet to be built, and global renewables installed capacity will need to grow 10-fold by 2050 and requires over $25 trillion investment.

Success for companies in this rapidly expanding and increasingly competitive market, means facing many challenges and navigating risks which vary across markets and technologies:


ERM brings renewables support at every level of the organization and at every decision gateway, be it securing project approvals, supporting day-to-day operations, or tackling strategic challenges – all while reducing risk and driving value creation.

Our global team of leading experts in renewable energy combines international best practice with local understanding of regulations to help our clients implement leading renewable energy solutions at pace. This knowledge and expertise is leveraged with proprietary, cutting edge digital tools and proven workflows to provide integrated ESG, project development, and technical advisory solutions on a global scale.

ERM Dolphyn project


ERM is developing the innovative ERM Dolphyn project that aims to produce zero-carbon hydrogen from offshore floating wind. We are looking to work with and learn from leading suppliers and emerging technologies across our entire supply chain. Read more about the project, and how you could play a role. Learn more