Property rights are a vital concern when developing new facilities, improving existing facilities, or retiring assets because land and right of way disputes can stall a capital project or a property transfer.

To support the success of property transactions and capital investments, ERM helps our clients to define property rights acquisition requirements. We work alongside our clients to strategically identify, plan, and execute intelligent, innovative, and cost-effective land solutions.

Fully integrated with our Capital Project Delivery and Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) services, our support encompasses program management and turn-key acquisition services and extends through all phases of project development.

We assess material business risk, using proven strategies and strong relationships with key regulators, ensuring our clients achieve more effective risk management, efficiency optimization and enhanced customer and stakeholder relations.

Our experience covers a wide range of linear projects, such as power line extensions, pipeline routing, and fiber optic cable lines, as well as siting telecommunications towers and the site acquisition and permitting for satellite installations. This can include: