Social Impact & Human Rights

Social Impact & Human Rights

ERM helps organizations achieve social acceptance and better outcomes for communities and stakeholders. We advise and practically support clients with social and human rights strategies and actions that increase the resilience and performance of their operations and value chains 

Business and societal resilience are closely intertwined in an era of deep transitions

The energy transition requires new capital projects to be executed at unprecedented pace. Gaining social acceptance and managing the social and human rights impacts of these new assets requires going beyond compliance to safeguard revenue and resilience.

Regulations, standards and best practices for social impact, human rights and responsible policy engagement are increasingly integrated with climate and nature. Organizations need to drive greater transparency and governance across their operations and wider value chains.

Supporting a just transition is a clear imperative for climate action and decarbonization. Integrating environmental, social and human rights can amplify the positive outcomes for people, the planet and an organization’s performance.

Rapid climate, technological and geopolitical change is leading to greater disruption and lower social cohesion. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of fostering equitable societies.

Advance social impact and human rights practices and enable people, the planet and organizations to thrive.

Amplify social performance and impact

From defining strategies to deploying digital tools, ERM assists clients with advancing social impact and performance across their operations. This helps to strengthen shareholder value, reputation and maintain social license to operate.

Respect human rights

Our services enable organizations to identify human rights risks, prevent and address negative impacts and demonstrate due diligence as required by evolving regulations. We also advise on diversity, equity and inclusion programs that create more supportive and productive workplaces.

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Achieve meaningful engagement and effective communication

ERM helps clients develop engagement processes that can prevent costly project delays and create shared value outcomes. From collaborative consultation to dialogue with public officials and local communities, we simplify stakeholder engagement with trusted communications.

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Manage political and policy risk and opportunity

ERM enables organizations to keep track of and respond to evolving geopolitical and societal risks. We monitor and analyze the impacts of international and domestic political events and trends and help clients navigate the landscape of lobbying and advocacy with our Responsible Policy Engagement services.

Our approach

Achieve better outcomes with ERM’s Social Impact & Human Rights services

Social baseline studies, impact assessments and monitoring

Social impact strategy, investment and measurement

Human rights risk and impact assessments, value chain due diligence and audits

DEI programs, targets, reports and employee consultations

Stakeholder engagement and strategic communications

Resettlement and livelihood restoration

Just transition planning and implementation

Reconciliation and meaningful Indigenous Peoples engagement and collaboration

Geopolitical and societal trends analysis, and benchmarking with LicenseSecure™

Responsible policy engagement


Strengthen engagement and collaboration

Build resilient businesses and supply chains

Secure social license to operate

Reduce reputational and operational risk

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