Rising global awareness of cultural heritage resources and cultural differences has dramatically increased the role that archaeological and historical considerations can play in a business’ success.

Local stakeholder concerns and greater regulation around cultural, archaeological or historic resources mean that due diligence and proactive planning must be embedded throughout a project’s lifecycle. However, even with thorough planning, unanticipated discoveries occur and unless carefully managed, can cause prolonged delays and extended consultations.

Combining local expertise with state-of-the art technology
ERM’s advanced methodology and technology enable us to quickly and efficiently generate cultural heritage baseline mapping. This helps our clients to plan proactively and greatly reduces costly project delays by minimizing adverse impacts to archaeological and historical resources.

ERM’s team of archaeologists, marine archaeologists, architectural historians, anthropologists and heritage planners offer extensive experience and credentials in local and global jurisdictions and local fluency to support native peoples’ consultation. Their expertise spans:

ERM’s proactive and respectful management of cultural heritage helps organizations realize their strategic goals and complete capital projects on time and on budget.