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The ERM Sustainability Institute generates actionable insight that helps companies understand and navigate the risks and opportunities created by the sustainability transformation.

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Demystifying CSDDD: Getting off to a good start with the EU’s latest ESG milestone

By Morganne Kroon , Jelle van der Stempel , Renée Rotering , Emma Albertone

11 April 2024

Responsible Mining of Critical Minerals - Gaining Stakeholder Confidence with Integrated Compliance, Assurance, and Certification

By Glenn Keays , Judy Fedorowick , Susan Lasecki-Coiro , Ramesh Narasimhan

12 June 2024

ISSB's IFRS S1/S2: Laying the foundation for global mandatory disclosures

By Catherine Osborn , Katie Langemeier

15 February 2024

Double-edged: 5 steps to comply with CBAM and add strategic value

By David Neilson , Richard Betts , Clive Abel , Alex Kauffmann

23 January 2024

The Great Equalizer: Turning EU carbon border tax compliance into business opportunities

By David Neilson , Clive Abel , Fanny Guezennec , Sebastian Voigt

17 January 2024

ISSB's first act

By Catherine Osborn , Aiste Brackley , Katie Langemeier , Paul Simpson OBE

06 December 2023

Renewables Conundrums - Renewable(s) Resilience: Four steps to bolster renewable energy supply chains

By Andrew Angle , Todd Hall , Christopher Hope

05 December 2023

A Clear Path to Decarbonizing Your Company

By Aiste Brackley , Andrew Angle , Katie Langemeier

30 November 2023

All institute Insights

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Our thought leadership focuses on the market drivers and trends with the most influence on sustainability and business.

The Institute identifies innovative solutions to global sustainability challenges built on ERM’s experience, expertise, and commitment to transformational change.

We provide analysis and interpretation of the sustainability issues that matter most to business, from climate, nature, equity and human rights to circularity, geopolitical pressures, and transparency and disclosure.

We bring together clients and experts with common issues and ambitions to share challenges and exchange information on emerging best practices.  

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