Oil and gas companies - whether upstream, mid-stream, or downstream - are facing a range of major challenges. 

The complexity of global oil markets, changing geopolitical factors, resulting sanctions & regulations, the impact of unconventional resources, and the desire to be seen as a solution in the low carbon energy transition are just a few of the broad concerns impacting the sector. 

More focused challenges center around how capital project development and delivery, the operational performance of assets, and the incessant rise of new technology are changing the way companies work at all levels. 

Other issues include entering new markets, capital project support, and how to operate in a safe, compliant and sustainable way. ERM partners with the top oil and gas companies in the world to address their challenges across the entire value chain. This includes:  

  • Responding to increasing regulatory pressure, customer preferences and shareholder expectations on transparency in compliance and governance, including reporting 
  • Addressing climate and energy transition risks and opportunities at the corporate strategy and asset operation level 
  • Responding to global imbalances in supply-demand 
  • Mitigating social and political challenges that impact a license to operate 
  • Addressing major accident risks; providing functional safety training and cyber security awareness 
  • Recognizing and responding to the need for “above ground” non-technical risk management to avoid delays or cost overruns to major capital projects 
  • Delivering performance in the face of human challenges including recruiting, retirements and a large contractor base 

Our deep knowledge in the areas of sustainability, capital project management, operational performance improvement, safety programs, and asset retirement, add value in helping our oil and gas clients grow, manage risk effectively, and provide a return to their investors.