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The Pharmaceutical Industry is vibrant and growing at fast pace with a focus on accelerating the sustainability journey.

Pharmaceutical companies are facing increasingly complex issues that are impacting how they operate now and plan for the future. 

Challenges range from consolidation and pressures on operations to research and development effectiveness and continuous talent management. Our clients are navigating a constant demand for growth, managing risk, keeping current with evolving technologies and processes, continuous talent management all while remaining competitive. In addition, investor and societal demands are increasing pressure to demonstrate more responsible behavior and improved sustainability performance. 

ERM has been supporting pharmaceutical and healthcare companies for decades to help mitigate risks and maximize business value as they deliver innovative solutions and optimize patient outcomes in response to our global health issues. 

ERM works with clients in the sector to address: 

  • Mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and post-acquisition integration; 
  • Compliance assurance with new and existing regulations; 
  • Managing risks and developing opportunities with product stewardship programs; 
  • Helping embed improved sustainability practices into the fabric of an organization; 
  • Providing significant and sustainable improvements in safety performance, processes, and culture;
  • Increasing resource efficiency (energy, water, waste); 
  • Identifying and managing climate change risk; 
  • Improving data management and cyber security; and 
  • Increasing transparency and investor/stakeholder confidence through reporting. 

Because we understand the challenges and implications our clients are facing, we are able to provide progressive solutions to address them from both strategic and technical perspectives. We add significant value in helping our clients grow, manage risk, and increase investor returns in a sustainable and responsible manner. 

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22 April 2024

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By Andrew Angle , Katie Langemeier , Justin Nelson

24 January 2024

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