Health & Safety

Health & Safety

ERM works with clients to transform health & safety performance and culture by enhancing processes and programs, assessing and reducing risks, applying technological solutions and supporting leaders to increase their impact and effectiveness.

De-risk assets, protect people, and safeguard business value

Stakeholder expectations on health & safety are rising. Organizations need to design, de-risk and manage complex industrial facilities and capital projects safely to protect people and assets and avoid negative financial and reputational impacts.

As we transition to a low-carbon world, investment in renewable infrastructure and the adoption of new clean energy technologies exposes new health & safety risks during construction, operations and maintenance. Organizations must address these challenges as part of their decarbonization journey.

The growing focus on the ‘S’ in ESG, and introduction of new legislation means that the management and understanding of psychosocial risks and resultant impacts on employees is increasingly an area of attention for health & safety teams.

Emerging AI and technical solutions are rapidly evolving. Organizations need to understand how these solutions can drive increased health & safety performance and improve business efficiencies and outcomes.

Safeguard people, assets and reputation by transitioning to the workplace of tomorrow.

De-risk facilities for safe and efficient operations

ERM assists owners, designers, and operators with technical, functional and design safety assessments. We facilitate effective contractor and construction management practices in partnership with organizations’ suppliers.

Strengthen leadership, culture and capabilities

From enhancing hazard identification to promoting effective engagement through leadership coaching, we support organizations in developing skills, behaviors and policies that drive excellence and demonstrably improve health & safety performance.

Establish healthy, motivated and thriving workplaces and organizations

We help clients improve approaches to understanding and managing psychosocial risk. Today’s talent wants to work safely but they also want to work in thriving teams that nurture, value and protect their physical and mental health.

Transform processes and programs

ERM helps organizations drive performance improvement by designing, re-imagining and implementing effective health & safety management processes and programs. Our experts evaluate if risks are being appropriately controlled and whether activities are compliant.

Our approach

Transform Health & Safety with ERM

Technical and functional Safety

Contractor and construction safety

Health & safety management systems and audit

Safety leadership, human performance and culture transformation

Industrial hygiene

Occupational health

Psychosocial risk

Capability development and training

Health & safety for media production film & television

Safety software and technology


Safeguard people, assets and reputation

Implement sustainable change

Create the workplace of tomorrow

Maximize value from health & safety investments

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ERM has an ever-expanding ecosystem of partners across each key area of the sustainability value chain, enabling us to meet our clients’ evolving needs and scale our impact.

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