To meet evolving ESG standards and stakeholder expectations, organizations need to be able to respond quickly. Putting people at the heart of change management is critical for maximizing agility and delivering stronger business outcomes.  

How organizations and teams work is changing, impacting everything from net zero initiatives and health & safety programs to technology deployments. An organization’s success hinges on its ability to translate change to new mindsets and behaviors. It is essential to humanize transformation journeys – be they sweeping or small – and to lead with behavioral strategies. This approach can accelerate positive change by helping to align the entire organization, from boots to boardroom. 

ERM works with clients to:   

ERM has experts in change management, competency and learning, communications and creative design, who collaborate with technical specialists across our services and sectors, allowing us to build transformative programs that help unlock new behaviors and leadership models. We provide the tools and techniques critical to keep workforces motivated and equipped to succeed.