Supply Chain

Supply Chain

ERM is dedicated to creating profitable, circular supply chains driven by digitally-enabled approaches. By improving safety, compliance, resilience and ethical responsibility, we help clients drive positive environmental and social impact on a global scale.  

Supply chains need to be more transparent, resilient and sustainable

Supply chains that factor in robust ESG principles not only lower carbon footprints and reputational risks but also enhance resilience and cost-efficiency, as well as creating new business opportunities.

The convergence of consumer demand for sustainable products and investment pressures favoring ESG-compliant businesses is accelerating the transition to redesigning supply chains with sustainability at the core.

The growing demands of regulatory requirements, such as the German Supply Chain Act and the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), are intensifying the need for robust ESG compliance and sustainable practices within supply chains.

Recent world events and geopolitical conflicts have increased the need for supply chain resilience and agility. Organizations need to be able to respond to change without compromising cost, efficiency, or quality.

Drive long-term success with profitable and sustainable supply chains based on robust ESG principles and supplier relationships.

Design efficient supply chains

ERM helps redesign supply chains by embedding ESG practices into business operations. This approach allows purpose and profit to converge, fostering better business outcomes through sustainable supply chains.

Drive greater resilience

ERM supports clients to build resilient, agile, sustainable supply chains. Leveraging emerging technologies, such as AI, we streamline workflows, automate decisions, and boost profitability. We help clients identify risks, optimize due diligence, and enhance decision-making for competitiveness.

Augment supplier engagement

Our services empower organizations to cultivate proactive and strategic relationships with suppliers. This helps to improve ESG practices across the entire value supply chain down to a Scope 3 level.

Digitize regulatory compliance

ERM offers environmental and human rights expertise to simplify compliance with regulations, such as CSRD and CSDDD. Our approaches facilitate transparent, compliant supply chains that mitigate risks and foster trust with stakeholders.

Our approach

Why partner with ERM for sustainable supply chain solutions

Supply chain ESG benchmarking

Sustainable supply chain management

Roadmaps for responsible supply chain management

Maturity assessment

Supply chain due diligence

Supplier code of conduct benchmark and development

EcoVadis program and reporting support

Supply chain carbon footprints and decarbonization strategy

Responsible procurement

Supply chain auditing and assessment


Manage supply chain risk

Reduce risks and costs

Contribute to decarbonization targets

Build digitized solutions

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