The Chemical Industry is a 3 trillion dollar sector that touches almost everything in our world - from the food we eat and the clothes we wear, to the way we travel. 

As a result of this broad scope, the sector includes a diverse range of companies. ERM works with clients ranging from the petrochemical to specialty manufacturing companies and has identified three major trends impacting their business: 

  • Increased demand for sustainability in their operations 
  • Digital transformation 
  • Accelerated globalization 

These trends manifest themselves in a range of issues that directly impact the strategy and operations of all chemical companies. We work with the most prominent chemical companies to manage the resulting challenges, including: 

  • Responding to increased social and investor pressures to act responsibly and increase sustainable practices while maintaining profitable operations 
  • Decarbonization of products through new processes or different feedstocks 
  • Demonstrating improved environmental and social stewardship to meet greater customer and end user expectations 
  • Maintaining compliance with the continued growth in regulations globally 
  • Creating, maintaining, and evolving safety standards in compliance with regional and international regulations 
  • Applying better technology and data to maintain a competitive edge 
  • Navigating mergers & acquisitions, divestment, and asset retirement 

We bring value by understanding their immediate and long-term needs and providing support that ranges from broad corporate sustainability to services that help with product stewardship, safety, due diligence, and remediation.