All operational plants and equipment come to an end of their useful or economic lives.

When organizations decommission or demolish sites, they need to recover the latent value in the retired assets, and also address environmental and safety risks that can come from expired materials or residues and facility deterioration.

From conception to completion
ERM takes a phased approach to site redevelopment or closure. From risk characterization and asset valuation to the turnkey management of a project, our comprehensive offering helps to reduce risks, minimize impacts, control costs, manage scheduling, and unlock residual value.

As part of the decontamination phase, we remove or neutralize residual hazards from systems, surfaces, and structures and provide documented proof of the site's status for regulators and potential buyers.

If demolition is required, structures are removed with due regard for proper material handling techniques and materials are safely disposed of or recycled. ERM ensures that all contractors involved in project activities are carefully selected and managed to maintain a safe working environment and avoid escalating costs.

Our phased and pragmatic approach consistently meets both regulatory obligations and stakeholder expectations and helps our clients:

By applying ERM’s experience and expertise, companies can effectively recover the value of assets while protecting human health and safeguarding local ecosystems.