Communications & Design

Communications & Design

ERM’s visual design and marketing communications specialists provide strategic and creative solutions that elevate brand value, business outcomes and sustainability impact.

Bring consistency, authenticity and impact to sustainability marketing and communications

Organizations must develop clear marketing and communication strategies to derive value from their sustainable business models and navigate potential risks from misinformation and growing public scrutiny.

Technology is opening up new ways to communicate sustainability goals, achievements and impacts to stakeholders. Compelling narratives and visual tools, such as infographics, can help boost engagement and reinforce brand values.

Organizations are seeking innovative ways to communicate achievements, goals, and impacts. Effective visual communication can help capture attention, improve understanding, and drive engagement.

As organizations increasingly prioritize sustainability and transparency in response to evolving stakeholder expectations, partnering with a specialized sustainability consultancy can help enhance brand reputation and impact.

Elevate your brand and ESG impact with effective and innovative marketing campaigns and communications.

Elevate sustainability reporting with eye-catching design

We amplify the impact of sustainability reports with compelling visuals and intuitive layouts. ERM has a deep understanding of design principles, storytelling techniques and industry trends. We enable clients to develop sustainability reports that capture attention, drive engagement and leave a lasting impression.

Amplify outcomes with targeted communications

From affected communities to corporate investors, ERM helps organizations develop tailored communications that support and bolster business outcomes. whether it’s a website to support an engagement program or an infographic to explain a complex capital project, we enable clients to enrich stakeholder collaboration and communication.

Promote inclusive and accessible engagement

We use innovative virtual engagement platforms and design best practices to make communications, such as sustainability reports and microsites, more inclusive and accessible. ERM assists organizations with selecting the right channels for the right audiences and messages.

Harness the power of sustainability brand and marketing

We help clients maximize the value of ESG efforts by telling a stronger sustainability story. We generate narratives (lead message, sentiment, pillars and proof points) that become the foundation for sustainability communications which are promoted and positioned through multi-channel communication strategies.

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Our approach

Transform Communications & Design with ERM

Branding and visual identity

Digital or print-ready report design, collateral and infographics

Microsite, website, user experience and digital accessibility advisory

Animation, video and audio production

Virtual engagement platforms

Customer and market intelligence

Marketing communications planning and content creation

Digital and social marketing and advertising

Employee communications

ESG ratings and investor communications


Strengthen engagement and collaboration

Build stakeholder trust

Strengthen brand reputation

Boost commercial advantage

Our partnerships

ERM has an ever-expanding ecosystem of partners across each key area of the sustainability value chain, enabling us to meet our clients’ evolving needs and scale our impact.

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Examples of our work

Report designs

A holistic ESG narrative and communications plan transforms reporting into a valuable tool. We start by defining your sustainability story, assessing key strengths, and identifying areas to enhance, ensuring effective and impactful communication beyond the report.

Virtual Engagements

Interactive 360-degree virtual engagement sites simplify complex environmental sustainability concepts. These 3D spaces feature major topics, subject matter experts, and project information, enhancing accessibility, functionality, and understanding, akin to public meetings, open houses, or project websites.


Visually compelling and accessible designs simplify complex concepts. By blending vibrant visuals, clear ideas, and concise text, we ensure functionality and clarity, making intricate ideas understandable and engaging, ultimately fostering awareness and action on issues.

Marketing Collateral

Our creative solutions empower your brand's visual presence. From dynamic posters, captivating presentations, or engaging animations, we transform complex data into compelling narratives. We bring ideas to life, ensuring your message resonates and captivates audiences across platforms.

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