Develop and implement a standardized compliance audit approach across Syngenta’s global operations.

Our Approach

Syngenta was formed in 2001 and is a world leading Agribusiness. The Company is now a leader in Crop Protection and ranks third in the high value Seeds markets. There was an immediate recognition of responsibility to protect the environment and preserve not only the health and safety of their employees but also that of its local communities and customers. 

To fulfill this responsibility, in 2001 Syngenta developed an Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy and implemented this policy throughout the organization. To provide EHS assurance to the Board and outside stakeholders an annual letter of assurance was created and a global EHS management audit program established. ERM assisted Syngenta in the formulation and implementation of these processes.

For the last six years ERM has been undertaking 10 audits a year as part of the global EHS management audit program. To conduct these audits ERM consultants and Syngenta representatives have developed a standard approach, protocols and audit process to ensure consistency across Syngenta’s global operations.

Notably, the audit style has been open, professional and participatory ensuring that the correct risks were identified, positively accepted and acted upon by senior and middle management. Over 400 recommendations have been implemented since the program commenced.

Benefits and Value

The EHS management audit program has helped disseminate Syngenta’s policy and commitments to all sites; it has delivered assurance and governance to the Board and raised EHS standards across the organization. In addition, it has initiated thousands of EHS improvement actions and broadened the knowledge, skills and expertise of a huge number of EHS personnel across the group.

Such a strong EHS culture has become central to the success of Syngenta’s operations.