The potential for adverse human and ecological impacts due to exposure to hazardous substances (chemical, biological, or radiological) and the evaluation of these potential impacts and risks, whether qualitative or quantitative, can present significant challenges to organizations.

Risk-based decision making is the foundation of almost all public health and environmental protection programs globally. ERM helps client develop sustainable, cost-effective risk management strategies to mitigate future liabilities through a robust understanding of human and ecological risks associated with hazardous substances.

We provide guidance on hazardous substances ranging from metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, PCBs, PAHs, chlorinated dioxins and furans and other SVOCs, VOCs, radionuclides, asbestos and pesticides, as well as ordinance and explosive waste materials.

We help clients with environmental cleanup, regulatory compliance and permitting, property redevelopment, litigation support and consumer product evaluations. Our expertise includes:

Our risk assessors are highly experienced in all aspects of both deterministic and probabilistic methodologies, prospective and retrospective approaches, forward and reverse orientations, and associated regulatory guidance.