Dangerous conditions on sets and in studios for media production present a substantial risk to the industry, with the potential for serious injuries, accidents, production interruptions and liability, costly delays, labor mistrust and reputational damage.

Long days on set and a host of other workplace hazards – falling objects, temporary electrical wiring, working from heights, temporary construction setups, multiple locations, and stunts - make the prospect of a serious injury a real possibility. The entertainment industry has a distinct culture and business methodology that requires safety professionals who understand the language, tempo, and esoteric needs of a business where no two productions are ever the same.

Everyone must play their part

Every person working on a production set performs a specific and necessary role, and a single injury can bring work to a quick and grinding halt. Media production is driven by tight deadlines, the ability to be flexible, and a shared confidence within the tight working community. Safety incidents can severely impact the trust integral to moving projects forward, derail project timelines, and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

With pressure for increasing transparency, it’s essential that leaders in the entertainment business understand their role in health and safety to help inform and manage the applicable safety elements that are most important to the cast and crew members’ work environment. While the industry is increasing their understanding of risks associated with media production, this knowledge and its communication varies from company to company.

Safety experts with a project driven mindset

ERM has a highly skilled team of professionals experienced in helping clients in the film and entertainment industry build and extract value from existing safety programs. We actively participate in safety planning production stages - both working with teams to identify conditions as well as mitigate them - to support the well-being of everyone associated with the production.

Our business is project driven, as is media production, and our consultants are not only experts in health and safety, but also in project management, communications and environmental compliance. With our experience working on site, we not only understand the landscape of the industry, but also the mindset behind how it works. Our breadth of expertise helping entertainment industry clients covers a wide range of essential services including:

Our people have been a key resource to entertainment conglomerates and small production houses alike, helping collaborative production teams make informed decisions about safety.