Keeping people and assets safe is a fundamental requirement in any business, but often the substantial resources that companies invest in safety still fail to achieve the desired goal.  

Increasingly, we are seeing that a number of approaches to safety may actually impede progress in improving safety performance, as they are often difficult to embrace, replicate, and sustain.   

ERM encourages clients to move beyond traditional compliance and corrective programs so that they can maximize the return on their investments in safety - to safeguard lives, protect assets and strengthen reputation.  

ERM helps organizations to:  

  • Strengthen their existing safety culture and demonstrably improve their safety performance 
  • Reduce risks by developing skills to better observe unsafe behaviors, identify hazards and empowering people to take action 
  • Enhance the effectiveness of leaders, employees and contractors to promote safer outcomes  
  • Reinvigorate existing processes and programs - maximizing the value of safety investments  

ERM has a broad and diverse global consulting team that includes health, safety and risk management consultants, stakeholder management consultants, data analysts, human factors specialists, engineers, and coaches.  

ERM can help clients set up their functional safety management systems and enables the owners, designers, and operators of various industries to plan and manage their assets and projects more safely and successfully, through the provision of advanced technologies and systems solutions. 

With this range of technical competencies and experience across most sectors, ERM co-designs solutions for leadership and culture programs, contractor and construction safety, process safety, functional safety training, fatality prevention, and many other specific client objectives to keep people and assets safe.