At ERM, we offer specialized geological and mineral resource estimation services tailored to meet the unique needs of mining and exploration companies worldwide.

Mineral resources are the technical foundation of any mining project. The main aim of a mineral resource review/audit is to provide assurance that the technical basis for the project is sound and that the results may be relied upon. Where technical issues are identified, it is critical that work programmes are established with a view to mitigate these risks to increase confidence in the mineral resource and ultimately the mine plan.
ERM’s mineral resource audit team seamlessly integrate expertise in data management, sampling and analytical practices, geology, and resource estimation techniques. Our resource geologists have specialist knowledge across all relevant technical areas to help recognise and mitigate risks.

Our team provides resource estimation services, develops grade control processes, implements reconciliation systems, and advises on all aspects of resource production. We understand the impact of inadequate mineral resource practices on the financial success of an operation.
Our team can tailor the review according to client requirements, from a high level “fatal flaw” review, down to a detailed technical audit.

Our focus is on providing benefits to a mining project by ensuring that resource estimation work is carried out competently and risk areas are clearly understood.

With a focus on accuracy, reliability, and regulatory compliance, our team of experienced geologists, engineers, and data scientists delivers comprehensive solutions to support your project's success.

Example offerings:

  1. Mineral resource estimation using industry-standard methodologies and best practices. Our team employs rigorous data assessment, statistical and geo-statistical analysis, geological interpretation, and block modelling techniques to prepare an accurate representation of mineral deposits.
  2. Mining geology and grade control: we develop practical strategies and grade control models to optimize ore extraction and maximize resource utilization during mining operations. We integrate geological, geostatistical, and mining data to design practical and cost-effective grade control strategies to minimize ore loss and dilution, tailored to your specific deposit characteristics.
  3. Resource reporting and compliance: we prepare mineral resource reports in accordance with international reporting standards such as NI 43-101, JORC, and CIM. Our experts ensure that resource estimates are accurately documented, transparently presented, and meet regulatory requirements.
  4. Technical due diligence for mineral projects, acquisitions, and investments. Our team evaluates geological, technical, and operational aspects to provide independent and impartial assessments of project feasibility and value.

Our team brings together expertise in geology, engineering, data science, and regulatory compliance to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions for your mineral resource estimation needs.

We leverage cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modelling software, geostatistical analysis tools, and remote sensing techniques to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our resource estimates.

ERM has a proven track record of successfully supporting mining and exploration projects worldwide, delivering high-quality results and actionable insights that drive project success.

We prioritize client collaboration and communication, working closely with you to understand your project objectives, constraints, and challenges and delivering customized solutions that meet your specific needs.