ERM is pleased to announce that it has joined The Open Group Open Footprint™ Forum, the vendor-neutral technology consortium aiming to create open standards for footprint-related data, including emissions and consumptions (e.g. water, land, and energy).

“Accurate and transparent environmental footprint data is critical – not only for mandatory compliance reporting and meeting customer and partner demands, but also for taking action on ambitious emission reduction goals,” said Sammy Lakshmanan, Global Head of Digital Services, ERM. “We’re excited to join the Open Footprint Forum and collaborating to develop open standards that will help organizations better manage their footprints and unlock the power of data.”

Focusing on greenhouse gas emissions data initially, the Open Footprint Forum will work to define, design, and deliver Open Footprint Data Platform standards. Accurate data on emissions, consumptions, and base calculations in this area will enable businesses to compare the footprint of goods and services in the value chain across every industry. Alongside these standards, the Forum will create an open source-based system, which will be accessible to all organizations.

ERM’s membership in the Open Footprint Forum will provide our clients with early access to common ways of reporting and benchmarking sustainability data across the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) communities.

"We warmly welcome ERM to the Open Footprint Forum”, said Steve Nunn, President and CEO, The Open Group. “As a key leader in digital EHS and sustainability analytics, we’re looking forward to the contribution that its global network will bring. The importance of EHS and ESG data is growing significantly, and ERM’s insight and expertise will be crucial for enabling businesses to make sense of and generate value from this information. Working together, we can help organizations across the world accelerate the deployment of digital solutions."

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