M.J. Bradley & Associates, an ERM Group company, has released a new paper on The Role of Natural Gas Networks in a Low-Carbon Future.

This paper outlines key strategies for natural gas utilities to decarbonize their infrastructure and operations, as well as to support the transition to a decarbonized economy in their service areas – all while enabling them to continue to provide a safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy supply.

This paper was prepared by MJB&A on behalf of the Downstream Natural Gas Initiative (DSI), a group of leading natural gas utilities collaborating to build a shared vision for the role of utilities and the gas distribution network in the transition to a low-carbon future. MJB&A provides technical and policy support to DSI.

The paper outlines three key strategies for natural gas utilities to decarbonize their infrastructure and operations:

  1. helping customers become more energy efficient;
  2. drastically reducing and eliminating methane emissions from their networks and operations; and
  3. supplying customers with lower- and zero-carbon sources of energy, including renewable natural gas (RNG), hydrogen, and synthetic natural gas.

“While increased supply of renewable electricity and electrification of end uses will likely play a key role in decarbonizing the economy, gaseous forms of energy that can be stored over long periods of time, as well as the underlying natural gas infrastructure, can play a critical complementary role in delivering renewable and low-carbon fuels reliably and cost-effectively,” said Brian Jones, Senior Vice President at MJB&A.

This paper is part of MJB&A’s ongoing work with DSI on the role of natural gas and the natural gas networks in a low-carbon future. In collaboration with the Initiative, MJB&A is undertaking an assessment of the electric and natural gas system costs of achieving a carbon-neutral economy, with a focus on the role of gas networks. MJB&A is conducting ongoing research and analysis with DSI members and other industry stakeholders; the efforts will conclude later this year with a comprehensive report of the findings and recommendations.

“The insights and recommendations in this paper hit at the core challenges of decarbonizing the massive natural gas networks that industry and individuals alike rely upon every day, and – represent a critical element for addressing the transition to a lower carbon economy,” said Andy Woerner, North America Lead – Low Carbon Economy Transition at ERM.

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