Dow and the International Olympic Committee have launched their 2020 Carbon Partnership Report.

The Report shows the progress on more than 20 carbon mitigation projects across more than 12 countries, resulting in one of the most comprehensive carbon mitigation efforts in the history of Sports. With an interactive format the report provides case studies, shares learnings, and brings Dow’s projects to life through the video testimonials.

To ensure the credibility of the process and data, Dow selected a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety and risk and social consulting firm, ERM, to provide 3rd party validation of the projects and to verify the GHG emissions reductions. Their extensive process combined auditing of the project documentations with verifying actual implementation evidence.

Sergey Belyavskiy at Dow Olympic & Sport Solutions commented that “these contributions to our carbon programs have been tremendous. We would never be able to go this far without their knowledge, experience and partnership. We would like to thank ERM for their collaboration and commitment on the path to net-zero carbon future.”

Download the report