As the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic increases daily, ERM has remained focused on business continuity across the 40+ countries and territories in which we have operations.

As outlined in our previous update, the safety and health of our people, clients, and others under our control, is at the core of the way we do business. It must come first – every time and everywhere. This is driven by our belief in the culture of caring about the well-being of these groups of people.

Details of our measures around personal health, travel, face-to-face meetings and ERM office operations are also available in the previous update. These measures remain in place, and we are monitoring local requirements on a continual basis. In addition, we have had enquiries from clients and other stakeholders on a number of topics, responses to which are provided below.

Business continuity

As the duration, scale and impact of the pandemic increases, we are evolving our business continuity plans within the framework of our Crisis Management Plan and Pandemic Plan. We are engaging with our clients to adapt work programs, ways of work and schedules to help them achieve their business outcomes – within the context of local situations and the wider operating environment. Our teams are finding creative ways to respond to client needs that do not require the physical presence of employees in locations where this is not currently possible to happen.

Return to work

In some parts of the world, we have commenced returning to work on a limited basis. In order to do this, we are following the advice of local authorities, ERM’s own procedures and requirements of clients in cases where our employees are requested to be at client sites/facilities. We are monitoring the situation in these locations very closely and remain focused on our employee’s health and well-being.

Our response to COVID-19 is being guided by a global Task Force as well as regional and local teams made up of Subject Matter Experts and senior management representatives. As the conditions continue to change, so too will our global and regional/local response efforts.