ERM Webinar: Launch of the SARAS Manual for Microfinance Institutions and Cooperatives

05 July 2024
Via Teams

Please note - this webinar will be held in Spanish.

Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and credit cooperatives are also exposed to environmental and social risks related to their lending activities, which can negatively impact repayment obligations or the institution's reputation.

Therefore, it is recommended that MFIs and Cooperatives implement an Environmental and Social Risk Management System (SARAS) to identify, assess, manage, and monitor the environmental and social aspects of client activities, including compliance with environmental and social regulations.

To facilitate the development of an appropriate SARAS tailored to the specific conditions of MFIs and cooperatives, the Eco-business Fund and ERM have developed a specific manual that complements the SARAS manuals published a few years ago.

This webinar will be a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and address these institutions' main challenges and opportunities. Please register using the provided link to participate.

ERM Speaker:

Héctor Cárdenas - Managing Consultant – Sustainable Finance

Héctor is an environmental engineer specializing in environmental law with a master's in sustainable development. He has over 12 years of experience in sustainability issues within the financial sector. He has collaborated with financial institutions in LAC, such as IDB, CABEI, Grupo Aval, Findeter, and Credicorp, among others, on projects involving environmental, social, and climate risk management, climate strategy development, frameworks for green, social, and sustainable bonds, and green financial product development.

Before joining ERM, he worked as an environmental risk analyst at Banco Agrario de Colombia, as a climate change expert for FAO, and as a consultant for Asobancaria.