Event held in Spanish language

ERM will sponsor, moderator, and speak at the two-day event on the “Thematic Bond Accelerator Program” at the Auditorium of the Lima Stock Exchange in Peru.

Breakfast with CEOs and a workshop for the financial and private sector on Green, Social, and Sustainable Bonds in Peru. The event will be organized as follows:

June 19th - Executive Breakfast with CEOs/CSOs

June 20th – Workshop for the financial and private sector

Registration link: Solicitud de Inscripción (office.com)

Our leaders in Sustainable Finance, Sandra Carrillo (Partner) and Tania Risco (Managing Consultant), will present "The Issuance of Sustainability Bonds step by step.

Both activities aim to raise awareness and educate participants in the thematic bond market in Peru related to the risks and opportunities of this type of fixed-income instrument. Market data from past emissions, key trends for the coming years, and the main challenges for the market to continue growing and developing in the Latin American region will be presented in qualitative and quantitative terms.

These events primarily target stock market issuers and companies considering entering this segment. The June 19th event is focused on General Managers, and the June 20th workshop is planned for managers and directors.

This event is organized in collaboration with the Lima Stock Exchange, Nuam Exchange, LA Green Fund, Finance in Motion, UNEP FI, and ERM support.