The US National Safety Council (NSC) has selected ERM as the newest member of the Campbell Institute.  

The selection was made after a rigorous vetting process designed to ensure all Campbell Institute members can demonstrate not only world-class performance in relation to health and safety, but also an inherent value of protecting people and preserving the environment.

The Campbell Institute is the NSC’s Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) center of excellence. It brings together top-performing organizations from around the globe to share best practices and lessons learned among a broader audience. The Institute and its members are also committed to helping other organizations, across every industry and sector, improve their EHSS performance.

“The entire Campbell Institute is proud to welcome and learn from ERM and its leadership,” said John Dony, Director of both the Campbell Institute and of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability at the National Safety Council. “Every member of the Campbell Institute brings with them unique perspectives and best practices that will help to advance the future of EHS[S] as we know it. We look forward to working with ERM to inspire more organizations to attain the highest EHS[S] standards.”

On being selected as a member of the Campbell Institute our CEO, Keryn James commented: “We are excited to bring our expertise and passion for EHSS to the Campbell Institute. Membership is an important achievement. It is also a testament to our ongoing commitment to safety excellence and new work towards shaping a sustainable future with the world's leading organizations.

“The membership selection process is extremely rigorous and reflects the important part our people play in delivering the results and culture necessary to be successful, but also highlights the commitment we have to health and safety both internally and with our clients.

“We are extremely proud, as an organization, to be a member of the Campbell Institute and look forward to working with the other members to further EHSS performance around the world.”

Learn more about the Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council