This year’s Sustainability Report and ERM Foundation Annual Review are now available.

These two powerful documents illustrate how ERM’s greatest impact on sustainability is the work we do for our clients and other organizations across the world, as well as through delivering on our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. They also illustrate how we are working in partnership with others to find solutions to the sustainability and EHS challenges facing business.

ERM Sustainability Report 2018
Introducing the 2018 Report, CEO Keryn James said: “The theme for our report this year is Sustainability means better business. The megatrends of climate change, digital transformation, population growth and emerging middle classes have growing relevance for business. The implications for the pace of change in addressing environmental, health and safety (EHS) and social challenges and opportunities is significant. As a result the services ERM offers are more relevant today than ever.”

The Report contains 50 case studies and highlights profiling the work we do around the world. Together these illustrate the impact ERM is having on addressing complex sustainability challenges and the way in which this not only helps to solve our client’s problems, but also helps to add value to their businesses.

The report also sets out our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs have become even more important for our clients - and for the business community more widely - as they provide a framework for organizations to reduce their negative impacts, and as such create opportunities by focusing on and enhancing the value associated with sustainable development.

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ERM Foundation Annual Review

This year’s Annual Review complements the Sustainability Report with inspiring examples of the work we are doing with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises that share our commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

It includes details of the contributions we are making to the SDGs, both through grant funding and the pro bono work that ERM employees undertake with some of our nonprofit partners. The ERM Foundation is unique; it is employee-led and the Review shares the inspiring stories of their work around the world.

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