ERM is pleased to announce that JSC International Limited (an ERM Group company), which specializes in helping companies navigate the complex world of chemical regulations, has been shortlisted for the Chemical Industry Service Provider of the Year at the Chemical Industry Awards 2017.

Organized by the Chemical Industries Association (CIA), the leading chemical industry association in the UK, this award recognises innovation and outstanding delivery of services in any area which provides services to the industry.  

ERM will also be sponsoring the Environmental Leadership Award at the Chemical Industry Awards 2017. These Awards are the premier accolades for the UK chemical industry, and offer a unique opportunity to highlight and promote excellent performance at a company, site or individual level. The Environmental Leadership Award in particular targets companies or operating units that can demonstrate excellence in environmental leadership, through the development or use of innovative clean technology or products that help reduce the environmental footprint of chemical manufacturing, seeking alternative uses and sharing good practice.

Steve Matthews, Managing Partner of ERM - Northern Europe, said: “ERM is committed to working with the chemical industry to deliver a sustainable future and we are delighted to sponsor the Environmental Leadership Award. Never before has so much pressure been place on environmental issues, not only by the regulators, but also by stakeholders, and it is important for the UK chemical sector to be recognised for innovation in waste reduction, energy efficiency and reduction in emissions, whilst also improving yields. ’ERM recognises the importance of the CIA in promoting the great work that the different chemical businesses are undertaking in the UK to achieve its vision for the future.

Winners will be announced at the Chemical Industry Awards Dinner on 15 June in Leeds, in the UK.

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