ERM is proud to be a Thought Leadership Partner and part of the upcoming Thought Leadership Series 2023, Circular Economy Panel discussion in Sydney, Australia.

The 2023 Thought Leadership Series acknowledges the significant transformation occurring in the resources sector. This shift is driven by both an unparalleled surge in demand and heightened public expectations, recognizing its pivotal role in facilitating the transition to sustainable energy and global decarbonization endeavours.

The concept of a circular economy is gaining prominence in both societal and environmental contexts. It unifies established strategies and ideas into a comprehensive model for the economic framework.

A circular economy holds the promise of supplying the essential low-carbon critical minerals and transition metals required for a successful energy transition.

To take full advantage of the economic opportunity requires a shift from an ‘extract and transact’ model to one that maximises the full value of the resource. But what does this look like for the resources sector?