Mine Closure Conference 2023

2-5 October 2023
Nugget Casino Resort, Reno, Nevada, USA - Get Directions

ERM will be sponsoring, exhibiting, and presenting at the 16th International Conference on Mine Closure between 2-5 October 2023 at the Nugget Casino Resort, Reno, Nevada, USA.

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The series of International Conferences on Mine Closure is a fixture on the calendars of many mining professionals, providing topical and high-quality papers and presentations on a range of topics of immediate interest and relevance.

The conference will cover themes ranging from planning, relinquishment and legacy management, stakeholders and community, engineering and landform design, water management, decommissioning and waste management, ecosystem reconstruction, financing and cost estimation, site remediation and impact management, and project management and execution. 

A key feature of the conference series is the diversity of disciplines and expertise that will come together to focus on the pressing issues facing the mine closure community globally.

ERM is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of the Mine Closure Conference 2023. Our team of technical experts will be engaged in delivering presentations and participating in the conference and exhibition at Booth 712 & 714.


  • Sustainable finance and the role of mine closure
    Presented by Kevin Leahy, Technical Director, ERM
  • Considering natural capital in mining, and implications for mine closure
    Presented by Chris Gimber, Partner, ERM Asia Pacific.
  • Meaningful evaluation of rehabilitation and closure in the early stages of the mine life cycle
    Presented by Chris Gimber, Partner, ERM Asia Pacific. 
  • Creating value in the post-closure period through collaborative closure planning
    Presented by Gillian Gregory, Principal Consultant, Scientist, ERM, North America 
  • Using uncertainty analysis to unravel cost risks for nuclear and mine site closure
    Presented by Paul Hesketh, Global Mine Closure Lead, ERM EMEA
  • Community engagement and master planning to develop a road map for a Just Transition for coalfield communities
    Presented by Paul Hesketh, Global Mine Closure Lead, ERM EMEA
  • New opportunities for collaborative closure planning in Canadian regulatory frameworks
    Presented by Terryn Kuzyk, Senior Consultant Engineer, North America
  • Design and regulatory approval of a novel in-situ salt cap for final closure of contaminated wastewater ponds at a brine mining operation 
    Presented by Kevin Lundmark, Associate Partner, Scientist, ERM, North America

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2-5 October, 2023

About Our Workshop

Join our mine closure specialists from around the globe for a one-day workshop on:

Creating Value from Closure
Monday 2 October, 9.00 am – 3.00 pm
Cost: USD$350

The workshop will look at mine closure being viewed as an opportunity to reduce overall liability for mining companies while finding value in unexpected places.

ERM has developed tools to help mining companies define, refine, assess, and choose preferred closure options that result in reduced liabilities, alternative closure visions, and finding value where it wasn’t seen previously.

Highlights include:

-Discover new ways to approach mine closure as an opportunity to create value.
-Uncover ways to integrate value creation into your closure concept.
-Understand how to assess closure concepts that incorporate value creation.

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Kevin Leahy

Kevin Leahy

Technical Director, ERM

Kevin obtained his BSc and PhD degrees from the University of Leeds, UK. He completed his PhD on Canadian diamond deposits in 1996. Following seven years as a structural geologist and geochemist in mineral and hydrocarbon exploration consulting firms, he joined ERM's site investigation and remediation team as a geologist and hydrochemist. Since 2012, Kevin refocussed from brownfield redevelopment back into mining sector projects, encompassing closure planning and costing, site investigation and remediation, impact assessment, compliance auditing, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, strategic advisory, and mineral exploration using ERMs Catchment Scale Exploration Tool. Kevin's current focus revolves around providing strategic advice on closure and Environmental, Social, and Governance matters related to mining portfolio transactions and expert witness work.

Chris Gimber

Chris Gimber

Partner, ERM Asia Pacific

Chris is a Brisbane based Partner with over 20 years’ experience in mine closure and rehabilitation spanning various commodities and geographies. Chris has led and managed a range of closure and rehabilitation projects within Queensland. He has a strong technical background in water management, soils and hydrogeochemistry and has provided expert testimony within Queensland and internationally on surface water, groundwater and soils matters associated with mine closure, in addition to presenting over 20 papers on these topics. He was Project Director and technical expert on water management for the Best Practice Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure documents for Department of Environment & Science (DES), which was the foundation for Queensland Mine Reforms and PRCP Guidelines. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and RPEQ in the disciplines of civil engineering and environmental engineering.

Gillian Gregory

Gillian Gregory

Principal Consultant, ERM

Gillian is a mine closure and social performance practitioner with more than 12 years’ experience working on major mining, oil & gas, and alternative energy projects, including impact assessments, engagement programs, due diligence assessments, and socioeconomic and Indigenous programming. She specializes in incorporating socioeconomic and cultural considerations in mine closure, transition, and reclamation planning.

Paul Hesketh

Paul Hesketh

Associate Partner, ERM

Paul is based in the UK and has 30 years’ experience relating to the provision of expert advice on closure related environmental issues and the management of the transition to the next use. Paul is a strong proponent of maximizing asset value and ensuring solutions can be developed that aid the repurposing of site and the regeneration of communities through new economic opportunities.

Terryn Kuzyk

Terryn Kuzyk

Senior Consultant Engineer, ERM

Terryn is an environmental engineer with over ten years of experience in remediation and reclamation, and a passion for mining and mine closure. She has worked on closure plans, optimization studies, and gap analyses for all major commodities in locales including North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Terryn is passionate about integrating closure into mining lifecycles, and developing closure plans that are not just compliant, but that meet the needs and wants of stakeholders and local land users by engaging early and often.

Kevin Lundmark

Kevin Lundmark

Associate Partner, Scientist, ERM

Kevin is an Associate Partner with ERM in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he focuses his work in the Liability and Portfolio Management and Remediation practice area for mining and metals clients. His area of expertise includes contaminated site investigation and feasibility study, mine permitting, groundwater modeling, developing site water balances and hydrologic conceptual site models, and systematic project planning through the data quality objective process. Kevin holds a MS in hydrology (University of Nevada – Reno) and a BS in chemistry (Colorado School of Mines) and has over 20 years’ experience helping mining clients manage risk at legacy sites and preparing mine reclamation and closure plans.

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Lindsay Tallon

Principal Consultant, Scientist

Magda Fimmano

Regional Marketing and Communications Manager – Asia Pacific (Mining & Metals Industry)