ERM has once again been recognized by two leading sources of business intelligence in the environmental industry for industry leadership, use of technology, and social contribution.

The Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ) has recognized ERM with an Industry Leadership Award for the launch of the Sustainability Institute - a new thought leadership platform for delivering actionable insight to address key sustainability challenges. The Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) has honored ERM with two technology merit awards for reimagining core services by unlocking the power of data-driven interventions and virtual engagement for the launch of the Virtual Open House for TC Energy Corporation. Our COVID-19 Recovery Fund, Standing Together, was also recognized with a social contribution award.

“2020 was certainly an exceptional year for our society, the economy and the environmental industry,” said Grant Ferrier, president of Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI, Inc.), and editor of Environmental Business Journal. “Unique enough that we added two major categories to the EBJ Awards: COVID Resilience that recognizes companies that adapted to work-at-home, travel, field services and other restrictions, as well as rapidly changing client needs; and COVID Response that recognizes companies that developed or accelerated new business initiatives, innovations and entire business units to support the environment, health & safety needs of their diverse client sectors.”

Sabine Hoefnagel, Director of Services, Brand and Communications at ERM: “2021 is of particular significance for ERM as we prepare to celebrate our 50th anniversary. For half a century we have been helping clients to address their varied business challenges related to all aspects of sustainability, and receiving recognition such as this is a testament to the incredible work our people continue to perform for organisations around the world. It is our people who make ERM the company that it is today, and who build the relationships with clients that ensure we deliver to the highest standards possible.”

Below are highlights of the various awards in the words of the awarding bodies.

  • CCBJ Industry Leadership: Sustainability Institute
    For the successful launch and roll-out of The SustainAbility Institute by ERM, a thought leadership platform for delivering actionable insight to address key sustainability challenges. In November 2020, the Institute launched “From Promise to Action on Net Zero” a series of executive interviews, reports, and events exploring how companies are translating net zero emissions goals into practice, the challenges they face, and the kinds of solutions they are developing to overcome them.

  • EBJ Technology Merit: Digital Solutions
    For reimagining ERM Core Services by unlocking the power of data-driven interventions. As part of ERM’s strategy to reset growth in the next normal, ERM has integrated technological interventions with core service offerings. With the pandemic acting as an accelerator, ERM’s digital solutions will help clients transition to a low carbon economy, deliver sustained business value, and continue safe operations across value chains.

  • EBJ Technology Merit: Virtual Engagement
    For setting up and maximizing digital community engagement in a Virtual Open House for TC Energy Corporation in preparation of the 2021 NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. System Expansion Project in Alberta, Canada. Social distancing restrictions prevented in-person community engagement and public open houses from taking place, but regulatory requirements and stakeholders need to socialize project development information remained, so ERM configured a virtual open house microsite offering an accessible option for the project proponent to share information with Indigenous communities and other key stakeholders.

  • EBJ Social Contribution: Standing Together, COVID19 Recovery Fund
    For launching Standing Together, a COVID-19 Recovery Fund to help mitigate the negative impacts of the coronavirus during this unprecedented human and economic crisis. ERM’s Global CEO Keryn James describes this initiative as: “Together we have a critical role in using our knowledge and expertise to help navigate the human and economic crisis created by the pandemic. Standing Together is our commitment to supporting thought leadership and our non-profit partners in their efforts to emerge stronger, as we all navigate our way to the “new normal”.

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