ERM’s commitment to ethical business conduct across all its operations and supply chains has a long track record.

In accordance with the UK’s 2015 Modern Slavery Act, we have released our 2017 Statement on Modern Slavery, which is the second statement of its kind to be published by ERM.

The Statement outlines the approach and tools ERM has in place to prevent modern slavery in our operations and supply chains. It also articulates the actions taken in the last fiscal year, as well as outlining the actions we commit to taking in the year ahead.

In addition to making sure we eliminate exposure to modern slavery in our business and supply chain, ERM advises clients to help them understand where risks of human rights may appear in their business and how they can improve their performance in this area. We are also involved in external engagement with various international organisations and NGOs on this issue to inform ourselves of international best practice and to exchange knowledge with likeminded businesses – all of this with a view to expanding the impact of our commitments.

Read ERM’s 2017 Statement on Modern Slavery