ERM is pleased to announce that we have extended our long-standing partnership with EarthSoft, supporting the implementation of best-in-class environmental data management systems for our clients.

This announcement demonstrates our continued commitment to helping clients safeguard their data to ensure compliance and manage risk while realizing new value through data-driven insights.

“We have been working with EarthSoft for almost 20 years to bring enriched capabilities to environmental monitoring data management. We continue to see alignment of their vision for standardized data management workflows and ERM’s goal of providing critical business insights for our clients through integrated systems,” says Shawn Doherty, ERM’s Global Head of Digital Business & Transformation.

Through this partnership, we are able to implement the leading data management system for our clients’ environmental data and integrate it with data sources in the business such as operations and health and safety. This enables us to streamline analytics and reporting for standard tasks and customize solutions for clients with specialized needs.

EarthSoft CEO Mitch Beard said, “We thank ERM for its long-time use of EQuIS and for helping us design our new usage-based pricing of EQuIS. We highly recommend ERM’s data management team for EQuIS services.”