ERM helped our key client Teck win the 2017 US Department of the Interior's BLM Hardrock Mineral Environmental Award.

The award was presented to Teck for remediation work performed on the McCracken Mine project, a former-silver mine located in Arizona. Teck did not operate the mine, but owns property in the McCracken Peak area of Mohave County. ERM played a significant role and was responsible for the cultural resources and biological surveys prior to the clean-up, bid preparation for remediation contractors, design documentation and construction oversight. The successful remediation project resulted in the removal of more than 26,000 loose cubic yards of mine tailings, with the public use areas restored to near pre-mining conditions. 

The Hardrock Mineral Environmental Award is one of five award categories associated with the BLM Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Awards program. The nomination was submitted by David Abranovic of ERM to recognize the voluntary clean-up and reclamation activities associated with the McCracken Mine.

ERM’s project team worked closely with Teck on all aspects of the project including public notification with regulatory and community stakeholders during the planning stages. We played a role in the design aspects to ensure consistency with local conditions, while also providing oversight on the preparation of the final documents. “Difficult terrain and other site hazards presented safety challenges during the remediation work,” states Abranovic. “Because the BLM wanted to minimize disturbance to the site, ERM created guidelines to lessen onsite impacts, while also addressing the safety concerns of our employees.”

“The McCracken Tailings clean-up project demonstrates a negotiated win-win for a public/private partnership,” says Abranovic. “Teck was able to carry out a successful remediation project with the support of the BLM and the community benefited from the successful clean-up of the McCracken Mine site.”

The McCracken Mine closure project was consistent with ERM’s and Teck’s corporate sustainability principles, which resulted in the preservation of wildlife habitat and plant communities critical to the regional ecosystem, while also restoring a public use area to near pre-mining conditions. All of those involved shared a mutual enthusiasm for, and commitment to, responsible and sustainable mineral development, which was essential to the success of this mine clean-up project.

David Enos, Manager, Dormant Properties for Teck, gave credit to ERM’s team for their important role in the implementation of the cleanup.