ERM is taking a leading role as an environmental, health, safety, risk, and social consulting services provider in Mexico’s booming oil and gas (O&G) sector, helping clients achieve business objectives and meet regulatory requirements stemming from the country’s energy reforms in 2014.   

ERM has been awarded three of the four contracts issued for shallow block drilling to provide social and environmental impact assessments and non-technical risk analysis to help O&G clients manage their investments in the new market. “ERM’s experience and solid reputation in the global O&G sector is transferrable to Mexico and allows us to leverage our expertise and resources in both shallow and deep water projects,” says Alberto Sambartolome, Head of ERM’s O&G Team in Mexico.

ERM’s marine team recently completed four deep water baseline surveys offshore Mexico in Salinas and Perdido basins-- the first surveys conducted as a part of the initial deep water bid round that opened to private companies in late 2016. The surveys were completed on time with no technical complications and no health and safety incidents.

“ERM has the capacity to provide a comprehensive set of services to help support our clients as they progress these projects through the development lifecycle,” said Francisco Pinilla, Head of ERM’s Regional Marine Team in Latin America. “We have the equipment and qualified teams, we know the local regulations and regulators, and we have a strong local footprint and proven reputation to support business in Mexico.”

While the recent energy reforms were initially focused on the offshore business, ERM anticipates the onshore business, including upstream exploration and production as well as retail and distribution, will see more activity by the end of the year. “ERM is well positioned in Latin America to provide integrated support to the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream O&G markets,” said Sambartolome.