ERM Consultant Wairimu Mwangi has been appointed to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)’s new Climate and Energy Young Leaders Board. This notable appointment will see her strong knowledge and interest in climate & energy topics contribute to the strategy and direction of the WBCSD’s Climate & Energy Program and its individual projects.

The Young Leaders Board comprises a representative from each of the WBCSD’s Board Member companies which includes Shell, Bloomberg, CLP, Dow, EDF, Equinor, McKinsey, Microsoft, and ERM. ERM CEO Keryn James is also Co-chair of the Program Board. All aged under-35, members of the young leaders board are required to provide an alternative perspective and generate new ideas to help inform the program and projects.

Sabine Hoefnagel, ERM’s Director of Services, Brand and Communications: “We are very proud of Wairimu’s appointment to the Board, which recognizes her breadth of client experience and technical knowledge in climate and energy. It is key for ERM to foster the talent and capabilities of the next generation of leaders in sustainability. By investing in our people we can continue to work with our clients around the world in addressing their sustainability challenges from boots to boardroom, helping to shape a sustainable future with the world’s leading organizations.”

Speaking on her appointment, Wairimu said: “Taking action around climate change is a major part of both my personal and professional life and the low-carbon economy transition is integral to the continued sustainability of our global economy. Each day, I work with clients across the world to better understand, prepare for, and mitigate the risks of climate change. Now I am going to be working with fellow Board member who are as passionate as I am about the way in which we can help to accelerate towards a more sustainable world and contribute to the WBCSD’s Climate & Energy Program.”

“I am so excited for what is going to be happening over the next 12-months. As a Young Leaders Board member, we can help to influence thought leadership and strategy on climate and energy for WBCSD members. I also hope to use this as an opportunity to share insights with my ERM colleagues and clients as we strive to achieve a WB2D* world.”

*well-below 2°

About the Board
The Climate and Energy Young Leaders Board will proactively channel ideas and feedback into the WBCSD’s Climate & Energy Program Board discussions, providing strategic and operational advice to help the Program Board realise its objectives. The Program Board will in turn ensure that these contributions are listened to and acted upon, as well as identifying topics and questions where they would value guidance and new perspectives.

There will also be scope for the Young Leaders Board to work together on specific activities outside of regular meetings, to engage with and contribute to the success of the Climate & Energy Program projects as well as identifying collaboration opportunities with each other.

Wairimu’s appointment, and ERM CEO Keryn James’ position as co-chair of the program board further underpins ERM’s ongoing contribution to the Climate and energy work at WBCSD. ERM is a founding member of WBCSD, a global, CEO-led organization of over 200 leading businesses working together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.