At ERM we know that creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is not only an essential part of making our company a great place to build a career. Our diversity is a strength that helps us create better solutions for our clients.

Only when we reflect the communities in which we work, celebrate and promote difference and diversity of thought, and assume our collective responsibility towards inclusion, do we realize our full potential as an organization.

We confirmed our commitment to this over 10 years ago in the first global company policy on diversity and, through our active approach to building an inclusive culture, we strive to create an environment where every person can bring their full self to their work. Inclusion relates directly to our company values in the following ways:

  • Accountability - knowing that everyone is responsible for building an inclusive culture, as individuals and together;
  • Caring for our people - creating a supportive environment to work in;
  • Client focus - recognizing the value that we can bring to clients through a diverse employee base;
  • Collaboration - encouraging a workforce that works across borders, cultures and diverse backgrounds;
  • Empowerment - giving everyone the space to be who they are and realize their full potential;
  • Transparency - being open as a culture and eliminating non-inclusive behaviour, including giving a voice to all employees.

A global perspective
At ERM, we have a global Advisory Group that guides the development and implementation of our inclusion strategy across the business. It provides insight and assists us in creating awareness, education and, where appropriate, training across the company. It is open to all employees and we run an annual application process to replace members who have served their two-year term.

Building an inclusive culture – an ongoing journey
We have introduced training to raise awareness of some of the business-related issues associated with not having a diverse and inclusive culture. All employees take part in an online module, which is the start of learning more about this area. We also have more in-depth training for managers and the senior leaders in ERM. We have Employee Resource Groups to provide networks to like-minded communities of our people. We also work across internal functions to make sure our systems and processes are free from bias and promote equal opportunity.