Repsol Sinopec, CNR, Cenovus, INEOS, Sasol, and others throughout the UK and North America are harnessing the power of AI to reduce energy consumption and emissions, while improving asset performance and equipment efficiency. We will show you how it’s done.  

Consider This 

An opportunity to decrease your emissions by 10T CO2/day has been identified for your facility team, all that is required is to optimize steam production, without impacting production.  

89% of engineers exposed to this use case indicated it would take months or even years for their organizations to analyze this opportunity.  

From our experience working with complex facilities around the world: Such micro wins are available to facility operators – but they are too small to be pursued, given the amount of effort required.   

The volume and complexity of an asset’s equipment and operating data, aging infrastructure, legacy standard operating procedures, and dynamic production environments make it burdensome to chase such small wins.  

Organizations surveyed indicated the top three barriers to pursuing these wins were:  

  1. The complexity creates a long-term IT Project
  2. The age of their facilities  
  3. The access to timely and relevant emissions data  

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The Solution 

At ERM, we developed a solution deployable in 8-12 weeks, that enables your teams to quickly and easily discover, understand and secure small performance wins through micro-adjustments in your facilities day-to-day operations.  

Surfacing micro-adjustments helps facility teams identify energy performance and reduce emissions.  

Join our webinar and learn how facilities use AI to surface micro-adjustments, that achieve best day energy efficiency every day. In this webinar, we will review:  

Who Should Attend 

This webinar will speak to you if you are responsible in one way or another for:  

Additionally, any individuals that are keen to continuously improve asset operations for an optimal energy and emissions profile should attend.  

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