ERM is pleased to announce that The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) has renewed the Quality Mark (Q Mark) registration for our statutory Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in the UK. This is in recognition of our commitment to excellence in EIA activities and our corporate pledge to take action to improve environmental practices.

IEMA is the largest professional body for environment and sustainability professionals in the UK and worldwide, and acts as an independent and expert body in the EIA field.

As part of the Q Mark application, IEMA independently reviewed ERM’s EIA and formally submitted Environmental Statements. They also required ERM to demonstrate an adherence to seven key Q Mark commitments.

With our renewed Q Mark award, ERM will continue to comply with the seven key Q Mark commitments, ensuring a high standard of operation and delivery of EIA for large scale planning applications in the UK, as well as commitment to the professional development and mentoring of our staff. The renewal of our Q Mark ensures ERM remains a leader among the UK’s leading environmental consultancies and that our commitment to excellence in EIA project work is independently confirmed.

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