Envisioning Tomorrow’s Agriculture: Building the Toolbox. 

ERM is proud to be speaking and exhibiting at the CropLife Europe Annual conference held in Brussels 5th and 6th March 2024.  

This two-day event will be focusing on the latest developments, challenges, and next steps relating to plant science, including crop protection and agricultural biotechnology. 

CropLife Europe 2024 is a forum where senior regulatory experts from agrochemical companies and other industry organizations, competent authorities and member delegates come together to share knowledge and guidance through a series of informative presentations, networking, and interactive Q&As.  

This year, topics will include the role of digital and precision agriculture, the sustainable use of pesticides / IPM, precision application, sustainable food system / transition pathways, green diplomacy/trade, active substance authorization, environmental risk assessment / biodiversity, biopesticide specificities, and plant health.