ERM to co-host sustainability learning day at major mining conference

03 February 2012

ERM’s Mining Sector practitioners are co-hosting a Sustainability Learning Day at the Investing in African Mining Indaba.

Running from 6-9 February, this is the world’s largest gathering of mining’s most influential stakeholders and decision-makers with a vested interest in African mining. Over 4,000 individuals representing more than 800 international companies and approximately 40 government and quasi-government delegations will be there.

Now in its 18th year, the theme of this event is on Changing mining companies’ internal processes to meet the challenges of Africa’s resource boom. The Sustainability Learning Day is being held for the first time and is being co-hosted by ERM, the IFC and Synergy. Under the theme: Enhancing Internal Processes to Meet External Challenges, the Sustainability Learning Day will provide insights on various topics related to sustainable mine development. It also provides the opportunity for ERM to showcase how we have partnered with our clients to address challenges facing mining organizations.

Jonathan Molyneux, a Managing Partner at ERM focusing on Safety and Sustainability Transformation, will co-present on Changing leadership culture for safety transformation. Jonathan will share ERM’s approach to site safety transformation and how engagement with one mining company has shifted the thinking, commitment and actions of its leaders

Andy Churr, Principal Consultant in ERM’s Corporate Sustainability Strategy Team, will co-present on Changing the traditional approach to capital project development and investment evaluation. The presentation will highlight how mining companies are beginning to change the way they value investments and conduct option analysis for key project decisions by placing equal emphasis on technical, commercial and now sustainability considerations. 

The Sustainability Learning Day is the only Indaba event featuring consultant presentations and our involvement will continue to build on and enhance ERM’s Mining Sector reputation. The Learning Day Topics/Sessions include:

  • Changing the traditional approach to capital project development and investment evaluation (ERM)
  • Valuating Community Investments for risk management and cross functional planning (IFC)
  • Changing leadership culture for safety transformation (ERM)
  • Designing mine-community conflict out of mining operations (Synergy)
  • Implementing human rights due diligence for mining operations (Synergy)
  • Creating a local procurement policy to meet internal demands and external expectations (IFC)

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