ERM releases its 2014 Sustainability Report online

02 October 2014

ERM publishes its Sustainability Report for fiscal year 2014, summarizing the company’s management of the material issues in our Sustainability Program. We document our progress against targets and key performance indicators related to the seven focus areas of our Sustainability Program: Our People, Health and Safety, Business Conduct and Ethics, Environment, Community, Thought Leadership and Our Clients.

The report demonstrates the contribution which ERM, as the world’s leading sustainability consultancy, is making to global sustainability through our work with global clients in key industries, our thought leadership activities and our support for sustainable development in local communities around the world via the ERM Foundation and its programs. This is our second report aligned with the GRI’s G4 Guideline and the third report we have released publically, representing another significant milestone in our reporting journey.

In the report, CEO John Alexander underscores the importance of ERM’s role as the world’s leading sustainability consultancy: “Business, governments and society as a whole increasingly are facing up to the challenges associated with the move towards more sustainable economic development. In this context, business is taking a leading role in developing and implementing new approaches to maximize the efficient use of resources, minimize the risks and impacts that we have on the environment and build stronger communities based on sound socio-economic practices.

“At ERM, we aim to support our clients as they respond to these challenges through the work that we do on specific programs and projects around the world and through the contribution we make to important client and industry forums.”

Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • More than 60 case studies and profiles highlighting the sustainability impacts of our work for clients, other organizations and communities
  • The launch of ERM’s Sustainability in Action course, based on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Action2020 platform, helping our consultants identify and address the sustainability needs of both our clients and our own operations
  • Our ongoing commitment to fostering professional growth and leadership at ERM through our Aspire and Partner-in-Training programs
  • Further geographic expansion around the globe, with new offices in strategic locations such as Mozambique and Kenya
  • Measures ERM continues to take to minimize the carbon footprint of our operations, including the use of LEED principles for our new offices, reduced travel and expanded telecommuting options for employees
  • Over $1.4 million contributed to global sustainability initiatives, including the ERM Foundation

The Sustainability Report is available online at

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