ERM identified as one of the fastest growing companies

01 November 2013

ERM has been named as one of the 10 fastest growing mid-market private companies in the UK as it jumps 17 places up on its 2012 Top Track ranking.

The ranking is carried out by The Sunday Times; one of the UK’s biggest selling national Sunday newspapers. Its Top Track Ratings assess the country’s top private companies and produces six annual league tables. The Top Track 250 league table names Britain's fastest growing mid-market private companies based on sales and growth in their latest available audited accounts. ERM is ranked at number 8.

ERM’s Finance Director Andrew Silverbeck said: “The financial year ended 31 March 2013 saw ERM record a third consecutive year of double-digit, solid growth that was supported by a good strategy and great people. At constant exchange rates we increased our net consulting revenue by 18% and our operating profit by 22%.

“Our operations are divided into four geographic regions: Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) and North America, and of those we had particularly strong revenue growth in Asia Pacific and North America.  At a country level Canada has been of particular importance for us primarily due to the acquisition of the leading Vancouver-based sustainability consultancy Rescan. Not only has this acquisition increased our number of employees in Canada from 30 to 200, but it also brings opportunities for growth in Latin America, reinforcing our existing operations in the region.

“Also of growing importance has been the natural resource-rich Africa region as a whole, in particular Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa, where we already have a significant presence and have just opened a new office in Mozambique based on client demand.

“At a global level the driving forces behind the growth are quite distinct: in the developed countries, it is the increasing concern for the environment and volume of regulation that is driving demand for services, whilst population growth - and resulting water and food issues - and demand for natural resources are largely driving operations in emerging economies.

The three initial focus sectors outlined in ERM’s five-year strategy - oil & gas, mining and power – continue to form the backbone of our business. Whilst these sectors remain a clear priority, we are also highly active across a wide range of industries, including the manufacturing, chemical and transport sectors.”

View the 2013 Top Track 250 league table

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