ERM appoints new Energy Leader as part of our Sustainability and Climate Change service offering

09 July 2009

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) has appointed Kevin Bellamy as a Partner and Leader of the Energy Practice for North America. Kevin will be a key player in ERM’s Sustainability and Climate Change team which provides a unique mix of scientific, policy, economic, business and industry sector expertise to our clients. His ability to simultaneously drive out measurable energy cost savings and create tangible environmental benefits from greenhouse gas reductions matches what the world needs in responding to economic and climate challenge issues. 

Kevin brings over 20 years’ experience in the utility industry, ranging from engineering design services of power plant systems to the development and implementation of comprehensive energy solutions including retail commodity offerings. His additional expertise includes renewable energy technologies, project finance, power purchase agreements, and ESCO contracting.

John Curtis, Global Head of ERM’s Sustainability and Climate Change Service said: “Kevin really strengthens our presence in the Utilities sector and in other industrial sectors where we develop energy strategies  He is a great addition to our team - it is rare to find a hands-on engineer who grew up tuning power plants, but has also run a business and understands finance. As a Professional Engineer, a Certified Energy Manager, and an MBA he is the ideal profile to make business sense of the energy issues facing our clients.”

Kevin will be focusing on large commercial and industrial clients in de-regulated electricity markets throughout North America. The intent will be to assist these clients with weeding through the complexities of energy procurement and to create comprehensive strategies that integrate efficiency with both supply side and demand side energy issues.  When looking at the supply side and demand side together,  significant operating savings can be realized. 



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