World of Coal Ash Conference (WOCA) 2015 Conference

4 - 7 May 2015

WOCA is an international conference organized by the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) and the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER). The 2015 conference will mark the two organizations' sixth joint biennial meeting and will take place from May 4th through 7th in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The conference will focus on the science, applications and sustainability of coal ash worldwide and will encompass all aspects of coal combustion products (CCP's) as well as gasification products.

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ERM at the conference

ERM will be represented by two conference speakers, Joe Robb and Robin Lee, giving the following presentations.

Waste Management Session: 9:30 AM on Wednesday, 6 May 2015
"Evaluation of Ecological Risk Associated with Groundwater Discharge of CCR-Derived Constituents to Surface Water"
Joe Robb, Principal Consultant, ERM

Utilities faced with new federal CCR regulations are required to design and implement groundwater monitoring programs at CCR management structures. The migration of CCR-impacted groundwater from these structures and ultimate discharge to surface water bodies is an ongoing concern as a result of the location of many coal-fired generating stations near surface water bodies. The potential fate and associated risk of CCR impacted groundwater discharging to surface water requires an understanding of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the interface. Guidance on developing and implementing site-specific evaluations of risk where CCR-impacted groundwater discharges to surface water will be provided and the concepts will be illustrated with a case study.

Mr. Joseph Robb is a hydrogeologist with 18 years of experience in the design and implementation of hydrogeologic investigations. Mr. Robb’s experience at coal combustion residual impacts (CCR) sites includes site investigation, risk assessment, remediation and regulatory compliance. Mr. Robb has extensive experience with the evaluation of CCR impacts on potential human and ecological receptors, and enjoys building and guiding the multi-disciplinary teams required to perform such evaluations. 

Beneficiation Session. 11:00 AM on Tuesday, 5 May 2015
"Transforming CCBs in Maryland to Enhance Beneficial Use"
Robin Lee, Project Manager, ERM 

Ms. Lee’s discussion will focus on the success that Maryland has had in beneficially using the CCBs produced within the state. Data on CCB use within the state over the last 9 years will be presented and specific technologies and techniques that have contributed to that success are to be highlighted.

Ms. Robin Lee has 14 years of experience at ERM’s Annapolis office.  Her primary areas of expertise are hydrogeology, geochemistry, and data management.  She has experience monitoring the environmental impacts associated with use of coal combustion by-products in a number of beneficial use projects, particularly in abandoned coal mine reclamation projects.  

Past ERM Papers

ERM has been involved with WOCA for a number of years, and past presentations are available through the The Ash Library website.

The Morgantown STAR Project: Fly Ash Beneficial Reuse Case Study (2013)
Brandie M. Sebastian, Robin Lee, Robert Sawyer, Shawn Seaman

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Commercial Use of CCBs: Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities (2013)
Matthew Erbe, Robin G. Lee, Jennifer Gunnulfsen, Leonard G. Rafalko, Patrick Petzrick, John Sherwell
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Use of a CCP Grout to Reduce the Formation of Acid Mine Drainage: 10-Year Update on the Winding Ridge Project (2007)
Robin L. Guynn, Leonard G. Rafalko, Paul Petzrick
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Effects of Acid Mine Drainage on CCP Grout: A Bench Scale Weathering Experiment (2007)
Nathaniel Warner, Joseph Giancinto, Gary Reeves, Amy Albright, Paul Petzrick
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Evaluation of Water Quality Conditions Associated with the Use of Coal Combustion Products for Highway Embankments (1999)
Matthew Erbe, Robert Keating, William Hodges, P.h.D.
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An Evaluation of Free-Lime Containing By-products to Produce CCB Grouts for Use in AMD Abatement (1999)
Heather Wattenbach, Leonard G. Rafalko, Patrick Petzrick
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